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Brits are set to see heavy rain that makes way for sunshine in much of the country today and sizzling highs of 29C.

It is a mixed outlook for the weekend as there are some persistent showers coming in from the Atlantic but it is expected that these will fade away as it moves across the country and little will fall in the south east where it is most needed.

But despite the rainfall it is likely to be hot up and down the country throughout the day with temperatures in the 20Cs and it could peak at 29C in the south east.

“We do have some wet weather on its way as we go through this weekend but perhaps not for all of us,” said Met Office forecaster Alex Burkill.

“A wet start across much of the UK, some heavy persistent rain across Scotland and Northern Ireland but the rain is going to clear on its way eastwards, breaking up as it goes, so more dry weather to come as we go through the afternoon, even some bright and sunny spells perhaps with just a few showers across parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

“Further south and east it is going to be a mostly dry day although it has been exceptionally dry here through much of the month and so some rain would be much needed. Temperatures highest towards the south east getting to highs of around 28C or 29C so feeling quite hot in any sunshine.

“As we go through the end of the day on Saturday then still some outbreaks of rain across Wales and northern England quite a lot of cloud here too. Elsewhere some clear skies and so some sunshine to end the day across Scotland and also the south east of England.”

It is then expected to be a fairly muggy night on Saturday before another similar day on Sunday although possibly more rain for central and northern England.

“Temperatures not falling particularly low again, and temperatures could be even higher than on Friday night for some,” said Mr Burkill.

“Notice this swath of wet weather that is now pushing in from the west as we go through the early hours of Sunday, that’s due to this frontal wave which is set to make its way eastwards across the country and could bring some persistent rain across central parts and perhaps southern areas too.

“It’s possible that the far south of the UK will avoid the rain and so not getting much here and also across parts of northern Scotland and Northern Ireland it is looking like a drier day than on Saturday.”

UK forecast for the next 5 days
Rain moving east, although still mostly dry in the southeast.
Cloud and rain moving east, some heavy bursts across central and northern areas, whilst many southern parts mainly dry with sunny intervals at times. Warm and humid in south and east. Sunshine and a few showers into the northwest later.

Rain or drizzle at times across England and Wales with hill and coastal fog in the west. Some heavier rain moving east later. Clear intervals and isolated showers in north.

Rain across England and Wales moving south and turning showery. Risk of isolated thunderstorms in east. Mostly dry with sunny spells in north. Warm and humid in south, cooler north.

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday:
Breezy with rain at times for many areas, heavy at times in the west. Drier with some sunshine in the south and southeast where it will also be very warm.